How To Perform Trivela Shot in FIFA 23: The Best Trick

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Trivela Shot in FIFA 23: The Trivela is a left-to-right curved shot. Holding LT/L2 while shooting with the player’s favored foot is possible. The ball will suddenly turn and curve to the other side of the goal, but it usually stays in the right place.

You must be near enough to the net for your shot to turn at least halfway around its trajectory before hitting the target in order to execute this maneuver.

In FIFA 23, there is a special shooting maneuver called the Trivela shot that enables you to score from farther out than regular shots. The Trivela shot may be executed with the weaker foot of your players and is most effective when used against goalkeepers who are not in the proper position.


How to Perform a Trivela Shot in FIFA 23

  • While holding  LT or L2, use RT or R2 to shoot.
  • Aim using the right analog stick, then move the ball around with the left.
  • To curl it, push left on the right analog stick.
  • To chip it over an opponent and into the path of your teammate, press right on the same stick (i.e., a chip pass).


For Playstation Consoles

Hold L2 when shooting on PlayStation gaming consoles.

To shoot on the PlayStation, you must first press R1 while holding down the L2 button (located on the controller’s left side). Other controllers don’t have a specific hold button as this one does, therefore this is unique.


For XBOX Consoles.

Hold LT when shooting on Xbox consoles.

Hold LT before firing. To take the shot when using a controller, hold down the left trigger and hit X.


Which Players Possess the Trivela shot skills in FIFA 23

This Skill is applicable to most players in the FIFA 23.

The well known Trivela Shot masters: Luca Modric, Bruno Fernandes, Messi, CR7.


In-Game Use of a Trivela Shot in FIFA 23

How to Perform a Trivela Shot in FIFA 23

Trivela Shot in FIFA 23


A potent tool that may be utilized to outwit defenders and launch counter – attacks is the trivela shot. To activate it, use the right analog stick and immediately push it forward and backward.

To start shooting, press the shoot button. This can help you defeat opponents when they are closing in on you, but it will take some experience to execute well.

The optimal situation to utilize this shot in is when a defender is closing you down and has either obstructed your route to goal or gotten too close for comfort.

It’s also beneficial if the opposition pushes up too deep into your half of the field, leaving big gaps between defenders that need to be exploited – especially helpful if you have no other choices (such as dribbling past multiple players).

If executed properly, this technique ought to make any opponent who tries to fight against it seem foolish.

Final Remarks

We hope that this article helps you use the Trivela Shot to score some goals! We will do our best to respond to your queries if you submit them in the comments section below.


Tutorial Video For Trivela Shot

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FIFA 23 Frequently Asked Questions

How excellent will FIFA 23 be?

At least FIFA 23 makes some respectable gameplay upgrades, especially in terms of set pieces and defensive techniques. Even if it isn’t enough, the game may still be a lot of fun if you can get beyond the normal problems. Our whole FIFA 23 review is below.

In FIFA 23, how do you perform a stepover?

Stepovers are an easy talent to learn. Depending on the side you are looking, move the right stick forward and then to the left of the right. Any player on the field may do it, and there are many methods to escape; the key with this skill move is to depart at a 45-degree angle.

On FIFA 22, how do you do a McGeady spin?

To do the McGeady Spin, move the stick 90 degrees left or right (depending on which way you want to travel) after moving it in the direction the player is going. If executed well, you’ll spin off to the side after pulling the ball back toward the player, leaving your opponent in the dust.

On FIFA 23, how do you perform the Trivela cross?

A trivela cross may be made in a relatively short amount of time. To produce a cross, just position yourself on the field and press the following: Xbox One & Series S/X: Hold LT + X. Hold L2 and Square on a PS4 or PS5.

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