How to Easily Level Up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

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Level Up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs; To level up easily in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, you must put your nose to the grindstone and play as many matches as you can.

Winning is important, but it is not required to keep leveling your Pro Clubs avatar. As a result, make sure you prioritize the following characteristics:

  • Acceleration.
  • Sprint Pace.
  • Dribbling.
  • Control of the ball.

Read more to discover more on how to Level Up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs.


Pro Clubs is a game mode in FIFA 23 where you may establish your own team, play with other players’ teams and convince them to join yours, and compete with players from all over the world.

Pro Clubs has several rankings dependent on your club’s level, which impacts how many points you gain for winning matches. If you want to level up quickly in Pro Clubs, you should follow this tutorial!


Level Up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs:

Hold Your line

“Hold The Line” is a skill game in which you can compete against the computer or another player. It’s simple to learn and will teach you the fundamentals of passing and moving with your team.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from: easy, medium, and hard. To begin playing, simply pick “play” from the main menu screen and follow the steps below:

  • Select your squad by pressing A (or X if playing on Xbox).
  • Select your opponent by pressing B (or Y if you’re on Xbox).
  • Select your difficulty level by pressing the directional pad left or right until it says “medium.” Later in the game, you can modify this by hitting RB (RT for Xbox).

If it does not say “easy,” press A again. If it does not say “hard,” hit B again, then left/right on the D-pad until #4 says “hard,” then press A once again.

Two teams will be standing next to each other, holding up cards that show what color they want their cards to be when they’re passed back downfield.

7 – 10 Press X/Y while holding down LT/L2 until all 8 players’ card colors are altered. Hold LT+X at the same moment to prevent attacking players from being detected cheating. 11 – 12 13 – 14 Once all combat participants have been chosen LT+X 15 + 16 Release Check the list again to ensure that everyone has been chosen!

17 Hold down L1+R1 18 ULTRA STREAK 19 Release R1 20 Your Ultra Streak is complete! 21. Press the RT button. 22 Perform any insane moves that come to mind. 23 If necessary, repeat steps 2 through 5. 24 Take a look at FIFA BOOM BOOM GOES THE MACHINE!!!


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Skill Games for Pro Clubs

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Skill Games are a terrific method to level up your character while also earning cash. This is how they work:

Skill games can be accessed from the main menu by hitting the “Pro Clubs” button and then selecting “Skill Games.”
Choose one of the three difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced), then select a competition.

If you want to go for a high score, choose a competition with a large number of competitors; if you want to win instead of gain points, choose an empty tournament.
Win each game by scoring more goals than your opponent in the first 90 seconds of play (yeah, it’s fast). You’ll know you’ve won when an announcer yells “GOOOOOAL!”


I’m The Wall.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is a game option in which you can take on the role of your favorite player, join or build a club with other players, and compete against other clubs. It’s essentially a team-based take on FIFA’s career mode.

There are three sorts of Pro Clubs available: Online Seasons, Divisions, and Online Friendlies. Online Seasons are the primary way to earn prizes in this game, where you compete against other players in your division and win matches to move higher divisions.

The more divisions you go through, the more money you’ll receive when playing games (up to 8x more!). You also receive unique cards based on how many wins you have in each division, which can be used on any player in any squad.

Playing against better opponents will raise your total skill level, therefore if at all feasible, complete this mode!


Pass and Proceed

You have one minute to score as many goals as possible in Pass and Go. This game style has no defense, only offense—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to just keep tossing the ball around randomly.

The goal of Pass and Go is to pass the ball to a teammate in order to make them ready for an open shot at goal or to set up a theft.

The trick here is to make sure that each pass counts, since if it isn’t on aim or if they don’t make immediate contact with it, they can still be tackled by defenders and lose possession of the ball before they even begin to score their first goal. In this game mode, precision is even more critical than usual!


Cross and Beat

Dribble one-touch to the side, then sprint full speed and utilize right stick-shifts to dribble around him in a circle pattern as soon as you detect a chance to go past him. This will allow you to move past him swiftly and avoid getting tackled.



In most cases, there are two fundamental sorts of crosses that will suffice: The first is called “Overlapping,” and it involves your winger running toward the sideline with his back to goal while his teammate goes behind him into the middle of the field.

The second is called “Cut Corner,” and it involves your winger running down one side just beyond middle before cutting across midfield toward goal; experiment with both to determine which works best for your team!


Choosing Roles and Buildings

As shown in the graphic above, each player and role has a unique set of characteristics. These characteristics will influence how well your team performs. For example, if you want to play a fast-paced offensive style of play, you should select players with high pace ratings and good dribbling skills. There are numerous builds available for your squad, including:

Player Builds – You can select individual players from their positions and assign them their own roles and builds.
Formation Builds – Select one of the preset formations or design your own by assigning places to each player/role to improve effectiveness (more on formations later)


Dribble with Skill

When you have the ball at your feet, you can use your expertise as a skilled dribbler. It enables you to get past defenders and progress up the field considerably more quickly than usual.

The better your dribbler, the more likely your opponent will lose possession of the ball when you pass them by with your movement.

Skilled Dribblers are particularly helpful for escaping tackles and juking out opponents with body feints (fake movements), making it a must-have ability for Pro Club players!



Acceleration is a stat that boosts your top speed, acceleration, and speed.

It also enhances agility and balance, allowing you to be more agile on the field.

This stat may be found on your player card under the shooting category.



The act of moving the ball around an opponent while maintaining possession is known as dribbling. It’s an essential part of football and one of the most vital talents for a player to learn.

Dribbling takes practice, but there are a few things you can do to make it easier. Begin by putting yourself in scenarios where you can practice dribbling against defenders, such as when your team has possession near the goal line of your opponent.

Try knocking down one or two defenders as you make your way past midfield into Barcelona’s area. The more opportunities you create in this manner, the better off your dribbling will be in matchups that are more important than friendly encounters!


Dribbling Tutorial

Watch more


First Active Touch

When playing FIFA 23 Pro Clubs, it is critical that you can control the ball with your initial touch if another player passes the ball to you. This increases your chances of passing or shooting the ball before it reaches your opponent’s feet.

To perfect this talent, ensure that no other players on your team are able to give the ball back to you after each shot or pass attempt. You want to be the only one passing back and forth between each other, so use the right analog stick while holding down LB/L1 until you’ve reached each corner of the pitch in turn.

When performing this workout on your own, keep the following things in mind:

When kicking/heading/passing/dribbling, use as little power as possible; otherwise, other players on your team will struggle to catch up!

Keep an eye on where both sides’ goals are positioned because they are frequently located behind opposite ends of each other’s defensive lines – if possible, attempt to move towards where their goal isn’t yet guarded by defenders so you can get more shots off against their goalkeepers!


Sprint Pace

Sprint speed is an important characteristic for a winger. Your winger won’t be able to achieve anything if they can’t get to their opponent in time.

The faster they are, the more likely they are to get the ball before their opponent and have an impact on the game. As a result, it’s critical that you work on raising your sprint speed as quickly as possible!

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