Kikosi cha Simba leo Vs Yanga 16 Apr 2023 NBC Premier League

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Check Kikosi cha Simba leo Vs Yanga, the lineup for Simba Sc that will play against Young Africans today, Kikosi cha Simba dhidi ya Yanga leo, kikosi cha Simba Kinachoanza XI – first eleven.


Current Kikosi Cha Simba SC Players

This is a list of all current players for the Simba SC, also known as Wekundu wa Msimbazi and based in Kariakoo.

Nassaro Kapama plays in the midfield. Shomari Kapombe, Joash Onyango, Clatous Chama, Pape Ousmane Sakho, Aishi Manula, Peter Banda, John Bocco, Moses Phiri, Augustine Okrah, Mohamed Husseini, Jean Othos Baleke, Sadio Kanoute, Saidi Ntibazonkiza, Hamed Ismael Sawadogo, Denis Kibu, Mzamiru Yassin.


About the Kikosi cha Simba leo Vs Yanga

It is said that the more you sweat during training the more you reduce the bleeding rate during the war, this applies to how the players on both teams have prepared to face their opponents in this Kariakoo derby.

Kikosi cha Simba leo Vs Yanga will include the starting lineup as well as the substitutes starting on the bench.

Referring to the previous match performance by the Simba SC players, we believe most of the players who started in the lineup for Kikosi cha Simba Leo Vs Ihefu FC will likely occur in the kikosi cha Simba Kinachoanza dhidi ya Yanga Sports Club.


Kikosi Cha Simba Leo vs Yanga SC

Kikosi Cha Simba Leo vs Yanga SC

The Confirmed lineup will be updated here just an hour before the match, we are waiting for confirmation on the Kikosi Cha Simba vs Yanga Leo from our trusted sources.

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Predicted kikosi cha Simba Kinachoanza/Starting Lineup

This is the possible lineup for Simba SC for this Kariakoo Derby. We predicted according to the player’s fitness and performance.

Kikosi cha Simba leo Vs Yanga

kikosi cha Simba Kinachoanza/Starting Lineup


Players to watch on kikosi cha Simba Sports Club

Aishi Manula: One of the best goalkeepers we have in Tanzania, Aishi has a good record in goalkeeping and has been given a title as Tanzania One (T.O). He is one of the goalkeepers with many saves compared to other goalkeepers in the NBC Premier League.

Jean Baleke: Since he arrived at Simba SC he has made a name for himself by scoring goals in most of his appearances in the Premier League. Jean Baleke Othos is a Congo DR footballer who plays for the Simba Sports Club as well as the Congo DR national team.

Clatous Chama: This player has a positive impact due to his performance in the middle of the pitch as well as his football discipline, he has the most assists in the NBC Premier League compared to other players. He is been loved by the fans.

Mohammed Hussein: The Captain and the fullback defender, he influences most winning games of the Simba SC. He has discipline on the pitch. His combination with Hennock Inonga and Joash Onyango makes defending section of the team better.

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